About Margaux

A different take on fashion--a young girl, inspired by creativity and fun to add a little spice to your not-so-basic boutique. 



In August on 2022, a sweet little shop in downtown Decatur, Alabama called Threaded was purchased from two fabulous women-- Janie O'Brien and Marla Odom. After building such a wonderful store, the two decided it was time to hand it off to someone else in order to spend more time with family. Threaded Boutique was bought by a young 21 year old, aspiring to take on the fashion industry by adding her own little flare.

Margaret South was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. She ran around the streets of Downtown Decatur where her mother and aunt actually owned a pottery + gift store, just 4 spots down from where Margaux is today. She watched her family make an impact on this community and always knew she would want to have the same result as an adult. In 2019, she headed off to Auburn University, unsure of what her future instilled. She changed her major countless times, but never felt 100% certain she knew what she wanted out of her career. 

The following year, the world shut down due to COVID-19. With the pandemic, colleges shut down and send students home. Margaret fled back to Decatur, still unsure of what she wanted to do. However, she decided she would rather work towards her degree while living and working in her hometown. 

Through that time, the Lord was preparing her heart & skills, eventually leading her to hold the keys of 710 Bank Street. During her most confusing stages of life, God remained faithful and equipped her to be right back in downtown Decatur as if she was a little girl roaming the streets again.

On November 10th, 2022, Threaded became Margaux. Margaret's vision of turning this boutique into something so creative and funky, finally came true. In 4 days, she completely flipped Threaded Boutique and replaced it with bright pink countertops and orange zebra wallpaper--it was perfect in her eyes.

Since then, she has added several of her favorite brands and loved building relationships with her fellow business owners + community. Her dream is coming true, but she's not stopping there! She has big plans for Margaux.

"To my community--thank you. Thank you for accepting 21 year old me back into this special little place. Thank you for supporting my vision and loving me through this experience. Decatur is something so incredible, filled with people that make the whole town feel like family. I am thankful to be apart of it! Thank you to every single person that has inspired me, supported me, and encouraged me. This place on Bank Street means a lot more when it's filled with ongoing love. Cheers to this adventure"

-Margaret South, Owner